Strata Stories

This graphic, designed by a group of students at King Edward VI College, Stourbridge, tells the stories of the different layers of rock ('strata') you can find at the Saltwells and Wrens's Nest NNRs in Dudley.

Click on each rock layer or arrow to find out more about its geological and social history.



This graphic is an example of a stratigraphic column. These diagrams visually represent the order of the rock layers below the Earth's surface at a particular location, as if a borehole has been drilled vertically downwards. Typically, the oldest strata lie at the bottom of the column, overlain by successively younger rock layers, with the youngest at the top. This follows the Law of Superposition, first stated in 1669 by the Danish scientist Nicolas Steno and later adopted by William Smith when he created the first geological map of Britain.